Spotlight Section

Beginning on July 1 we’ll be initiating a new feature here at A Day In The Life Records.  We’ll be curating a monthly spotlight section within the store.  Each month we’ll focus on a different theme, spotlighting a specific record label, band, genre of music, a social theme…the options are endless.  We want to use this opportunity to share records with you that we hope will spark interest and discussion about important and enjoyable vinyl releases.

For our inaugural spotlight we’re honored to feature independent label Greenway Records for the month of July 2016.

Greenway Records was founded in 2014 and is based out of New York City and specializes in very limited edition and unique variant vinyl pressings.  Many pressings are done with just a few hundred copies being issued.  Their vinyl releases have incorporated beautifully designed packaging with such touches as hand printed covers, signed and numbered inserts, colored and splatter vinyl and picture discs.

When you see and hold a Greenway record in your hand the love for what they do is so very evident.  Then, past the packaging, we have some fantastic music!  Releases by Big Eyes, White Mystery, Abjects, The Holy Motors, among others, are part of their canon, with new bands and releases scheduled all the time.

We’re honored to help support these bands and the wonderful things Greenway Records is doing for independent music and physical releases and we hope you’ll visit us during the month of July and check out our spotlight section and pick up some of these records and help spread the word about the good work these folks are doing.

You can read more about Greenway Records here: